Grieving process

The bond we share with our pets is very deep and wonderful. Sometimes we forget how long they have been in our lives and it's certainly hard to imagine life without them. Ironically, this can set us up for a deeper level of grief, when our beloved pet dies or we choose euthanasia to peacefully end their life.

A feeling of sadness, guilt and loneliness totally overwhelms us and can last for weeks, or even months. Sometimes we feel isolated because nobody else appears to understand what we are going through.......believe me, I do!

My beloved pet was a cat, but the kind of pet should not determine the level of grief that one is expected to suffer. Everyone has a right to grieve and that should be acknowledged and respected.

One day, shortly before Casper had been diagnosed with a Nasal Tumour, I was reading an article about Pet Bereavement. Well, I never thought it was going to happen to me, so soon after reading it. Tears were rolling down my cheeks at the thought of it, and then it became a reality. So, I personally feel for any one of you who is in this situation at the moment. You are not being daft or sentimental, believe me!

I often used to talk to Casper, particularly when he was poorly, it was as if he understood me, which I'm sure he did, it was that look! The bravest thing about Casper, was that he accepted everything that was being done to him, which a lot of you can probably identify with.

If you have lost your beloved pet, you need to acknowledge your grief - it may even equal that associated with the loss of a person.

The most important thing to do is to allow yourself time to grieve. This, of course, will be different for everyone. Some can move swiftly through the process, others take longer. Most importantly, don't allow anyone to make you feel guilty about grieving over your pet. You know the comments, 'It's only an animal' and so on. These people have no idea, so just ignore them because there are a lot of people, including myself, that do understand.

I miss Casper terribly and it still hurts to think that he is no longer around me, well in the physical sense. But, I'm sure he's around me somewhere, watching over me.

I was lucky enough to have been blessed with Casper for all those wonderful years. So, as a tribute, I decided to set up a website in his memory. I suppose it's my way of dealing with my loss. Okay, not everyone is going to be able to even consider a task like this, but that's fine. So, don't beat yourself up, just listen to your heart and do what you feel is right for you!

For those of you that need to talk to somebody about the loss of your pet then click on the link below.

Animal Samaritans

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