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The Siamese cat first came to England in the late 1880's


Siam CatThe Siamese cat was first introduced into Britain in the 1880's. However, there appears to be many theories about their true origin. One thing that is certain though, is that the Siamese of today are descendants of cats brought to England from Siam, now Thailand.

It all started when the English Consul General was presented with a pair of Siamese cats by the King of Siam. The pair, Pho and Mia, were brought to England and exhibited at Crystal Palace. America saw the first of these cats a few years later.

The Siamese is easily recognized by their light bodies, with darker areas, known as Points. The Points are normally around the face, ears, tail, legs and feet. Siamese are also known by the colour of their Points e.g. Seal Point, Chocolate Point, amongst others, of course.

A Modern Siamese is finely boned, with long elegant bodies together with a wedged-shaped head. The Traditional Siamese, also known as the Applehead, differs somewhat. They tend to be more muscular, and with a generous bone structure. Their heads are more rounded too.

Apart from its obvious visual features, the Siamese also has a distinct character. They are an Extrovert cat with a strong personality. They are verbally loud and have loads of energy. They tend to form a very close bond with their owner and are very affectionate cats. Siamese cats are also very intelligent. They crave a lot of attention and certainly let you know if they don't get it.
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