19th June 1993 - 29th January 2008

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Saying goodbye!

We can spend many happy years with our beloved pet(s), but most of us will outlive them.  Saying goodbye, is not an easy task, but it's something that I had to do...

And here is how it all began.

Casper, my beloved Siamese cat, developed what appeared to be Allergic Rhinitis in September 2007. He was treated by the Vet and initially the condition cleared up. But, after about a fortnight, the problem returned. The Vet treated him once again and, like myself, hoped the condition would clear up. The treatment was continued for about 3 months, but to no avail.

It was clear that something was not right and the Vet decided to carry out various tests, including a Rhinoscopy. The diagnosis was that Casper had got a Cancerous Nasal Tumour. The Vet suggested an operation to remove it and assured me that the prognosis was good.

Casper recovered well , but started to deteriorate a month later. My worst fear was, that he had a Brain Tumour, because of the way he was behaving. Sure enough, a Brain Tumour was diagnosed by the Vet, leaving me with no choice but to opt for euthanasia.

As devastating as it was I stayed with Casper to the very end. The drip was quickly set up and the procedure was carried out. I spoke softly to him and gently stroked his little brow until he sighed his last breath...

And that was it, he had gone... to Rainbow Bridge!

You were so brave Casper...God rest your furry little soul!

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